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Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
RGAUA6SLRJServer - Database - DAOS - Fixed a performance issue that could occur when downloading an attachment from a DAOS enabled database when Decs was...
TKAAC3K44CServer - Database - Fixed an issue where Notes databases explicitly created with the .n85 extension were not get added to the database directory on...
VMRUC3LLMSServer - Repair - Fixed an issue where error about *Repair Failed* - File xxx.nsf cannot be repaired [Invalid NSF version] was being given when an...
TMSYC3SLZLServer - Database - Fixed an issue where directories containing non-ASCII characters were not getting included in list of updated databases that...
DANOC3ZNHPServer - Database - Repair - Fixed an issue where for any folder name in the selected folders list for cluster symmetry, Repair could erroneously...
DANOC43QE7Server - Database - Repair - Fixed an issue where the "repair show config" console command was truncating the Selected Folders list at 256...
SVAIC47MGGServer - Database - Fixed an issue with data truncation of large items when large item support is enabled on an ODS 55 database.
GRHEC48MW5Server - Database - Fixed an issue where Domino directory scans and dbdirman were not recognizing files with .ns10, .ns11 and .ns12 extensions as...
TMAIC36CN7Server - Database -Fixed an issue with overquota warning being displayed when it shouldn't involving nifnsf enabled dbs when having to recreate the...
MNIAC4NB3ZServer - Replication - Fixed an issue where replicator task was incorrectly logging a warning about "Unable to write database - database would exceed...
JPAIC5EM8VServer - Database - Fixed an issue were notes with large summary/items were being copied remotely even if large summary/items was not enabled. This...
MRONC5ZT7LServer - Database - Fixed an issue where not all databases were being listed in databaes list operations like Open Application. This regression was...
DCKTBZMJKQServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue with very large ID files and DAOS object updates.
YCHAC38D3TServer - Fixed a server hang involving unreads and in place compaction.
DCOYBU4QXMServer - Database - Fixed an issue with remote NIFFindByKeyExtended2 calls failing with ERR_UNSUPPORTED_FLAGS.
SWASC89MZMServer - Database - Fixed an issue where ACL was becoming corrupt under some circumstances
JPAIC87GLZServer - Database - Fixed a crash issue in CollectionQuotaOverride
Hide details for Design in ClientDesign in Client
TMAIC6DCYHClient - Fixed an issue where displaying a view with @Command([RelayoutWindow]) set in the OnSize would result in error messages about "No document...
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
MOBNC2ALWKAdmin - Directory - Fixed an issue where selecting No for "Rename registered Domino Users upon Active Directory rename" was not being...
MOBNC4EJDRServer - Full Text Indexing - No longer reindex the fulll text index when a truncation error is returned. Notes.ini provided to trigger the rebuild...
MOBNC5ETAHServer - Directory - Fixed a crash in LDAP.
RFIDBY2P2S12.01 - Fixed an issue where LDAP Filter searches using the field "Listowner" will no longer intermittently fail. This regression was introduced in...
MOBNC3ZLQYServer - Directory - Fixed an issue where some users were not authorized to access web applications. This would occur for users who are members of...
MOBNC4VLMHServer - DirSync - DirSync now warns if server contains two replicas of the NAB.
MBCYC5ZQZVServer - LDAP - Fixed a performance issue with LDAP authentication. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
SMOYC7AE96Server - Directory - Fixed an issue where Dirsync was not updating the Notes item field if two LDAP attribute fields were mapped to the same Notes...
SSARC7HN6LServer - Dirsync - Fixed an issue with dirsync config document filter parsing where it was not handling multiple operator depth levels resulting in...


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